Are you a manufacturer, operator or trader of machines?

Do you have any questions about the Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC?

Do you want advice or training on this topic?

Then we can help you!

We offer you advice, support and training to create the necessary documents and services in the area of the Machinery Directive / CE certification so that you can legally trade or operate your machines.



CE Conformity

We create all the documents you need so that your machine is CE compliant. You only have to implement the change points we found to your machine and sign the finished documents.

We Create:

– Conformity assessments

– Risk assessments

– Operating instructions

Care and Support

In order to design your machines and products without major delays, we are always available to answer your questions and problems, and we would be happy to help you at a moment’s notice.

How To Reach Us:

– Telephone: +49 160 540 8525

– E-mail:

– Post: Gaertlesaecker 8

            72880 Dornstetten



We would be happy to come to your location to help you and your team become well informed on the subject of the Machinery Directive.

We personalize for your specific needs:

– Presentations

– Handouts

– Instructions


We process your CE problems, whether by phone or at your location to find your perfect solution by:

– Assessing your machines

– Providing CE process reviews and change notices

– Providing information about manufacturer obligations

– Providing research standards


About me


Our Company is an independent network of companies and we are continuously training to provide you with up to date services. We can be flexible with the time you need and can respond to any location.

Qualifications and Education

We are able to provide:

            – Construction mechanic

            – State-certified mechanical engineering technician

            – Compliance manager

And have training in:

            – Machinery directive 2006/42 / EG

            – Used machines

            – Technical equipment

            – Food machinery


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TIPPIE CE Compliance

Jayson Tippie

Gärtlesäcker 8

72280 Dornstetten


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+49 160 540 8525

Are you interested or do you have questions?
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